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Simon Marius as a Tychonic Calendar Maker. Translating the Mundus Iovialis into German. The Franconian Asteroid Marius.

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Planet Model 1: 50 Billion. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction The margravial court astronomer Simon Marius, was involved in all of the new observations made with the recently invented telescope in the early part of the seventeenth century. He also discovered the Moons of Jupiter in January , but lost the priority dispute with Galileo Galilei, because he missed to publish his findings in a timely manner.

The history of astronomy neglected Marius for a long time, finding only the apologists for the Copernican system worthy of attention. In contrast the papers presented on the occasion of the Simon Marius Anniversary Conference , and collected in this volume, demonstrate that it is just this struggle to find the correct astronomical system that makes him particularly interesting.

His research into comets, sunspots, the Moons of Jupiter and the phases of Venus led him to abandon the Ptolemaic system and adopt the Tychonic one.

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Germanic Annotations

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    Astronomi kontra astrologi

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