Sagittarius woman most compatible with what sign

Gemini is a trickster and a little more "in the head" than Sagittarius , who prefers first-hand experience. They get along well because they're both socially curious. Gemini in love is flirty and light, but quick to catch hints of interest or disinterest.

Sagittarius & Taurus

Sagittarius in love is open to "exotic" lovers of other cultures, so their world is widened. They sense in each other the green light to be friends and see what happens.

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It's often the case that both have full dance cards, and it takes a special someone to be the one-and-only. Gemini is a gatherer of ideas and Sagittarius a seeker of truth through experience. Together they move at a fast pace, enjoying adventures and letting life alter them as they go.

Sparks will fly when these opposite sides of the zodiac find attraction

The physical Sagittarius might be into more vigorous pursuits than Gemini, but both bring a flexible attitude to the bedroom. It's a promising match because every day will be different, keeping the relationship fresh.

Which Star Signs is Sagittarius Most Compatible With? |

They'll give each other plenty of space and not try to cling too tightly. Both are warm, charismatic and charming; people enjoy being in the energy this couple radiates.

Sagittarius sees the world as a textbook they must study from, while Leo acts as the gracious host. Both are extremely social, but it is vitally important to Leo that they feel that they are in control of the conversation. Leo is the Lion, the leader, while Sagittarius is the Archer, slowly taking the time to survey their target and feel the nuances of difference in their approach.

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Leo is ruled by the Sun and Sagittarius is ruled by the Planet Jupiter. Both are masculine energy archetypes, and together they make a good combination — they understand one another because they are so similar. The Sun is about Self and Jupiter is about expansion and excess, together providing a personal and outward focus on themselves and the world, although sometimes they can overexert themselves.

Both Leo and Sagittarius are Fire Signs. This tends to be a very heated and passionate relationship. As the zodiac sign most prone to thinking BIG, your mind and mouth can sometimes get away from you.

Sagittarius (astrology)

The best way to combat this? Think before you speak. In Roman mythology, Jupiter was known as the god of the heavens and sky. This means that as a child of Jupiter, a Sagittarius' head is usually somewhere up in the clouds, mulling over some grand theory or envisioning their next major move. This is why many Sags are considered some of the most brilliant leaders, intellectuals, and visionaries in their league.

Best Matches

Though, when it comes to the more mundane affairs of the world, say like who's supposed to pick up dinner after work or clothes from the cleaners, this is where a Sag can drop the ball. And it's not that it's intentional, it just feels like it is if you're the one depending on a Sagittarius to do what you both agreed upon. So, Sagittarius, how can you avoid pissing off your significant other who may or may not be waiting for you to pick them up from the airport or the doctor's office or By putting your mate first from time to time.

Not only does this display a little thoughtfulness from your end but it shows that you can be trustworthy too. As a Fire sign, Sagittarians live for the thrill; to boldly go where no Sag has gone before. In addition to your brainiac vibe, passion, confidence, and a balls to the wall attitude is what makes you sexy.

Lovers and admirers alike flock to your bedside in a quest to bathe in your flames of glory.

Libra man sagittarius woman - Libra man and sagittarius woman love compatibility

But when can this backfire? When you send a would-be doting and stable lover running for cover because you need chaos and crisis in order to feel alive. Now in no way am I suggesting that you put out your own fire or allow someone else to do it but if your freewheeling, impulsive style borders more on the side of reckless, it may be time to turn-it down a notch. Sagittarians possess a tough, can-do spirit which means there's very little a Sagittarius will let get in their way or get them down. The kinds of everyday challenges that might frustrate, depress, or discourage other people are quickly trampled under the foot of a Sag.