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Aries takes the lead, which is usually okay with Pisces, who shows different sides with each new dating situation. Aries has a lot of physical vitality and can give the more languid Pisces a boost.

However, if Pisces is in a reflective mood, that Aries zeal can be totally overwhelming! Aries in love is urgent, and flame up, then peter out. Pisces in love has elusive moods, and are more indirect in conversation.

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They compliment each other as Pisces is a little dreamy, otherworldly, and Aries is lusty for real experiences that make them feel fully alive. Pisces is often trusting, naive and impressionable in love. This is a favorable set of traits, when they're met with proper respect, and are valued.

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But Pisces in the hands of a domineering Ram potentially leads to dark places. The direct and forceful style of Aries becomes wounding for Pisces, who defends itself by becoming elusive, veiled, diffuse. What comes to mind is a persistent creature looking for the pearl in the oyster Pisces. The way Aries goes about it — full-on and at times emotionally insensitive — brings out the Pisces' instinct for hiding the treasure.

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Things go wrong when Aries pushes too hard for the elusive Pisces to take a stand on something. Aries may find Pisces to be wishy-washy, lacking in courage or personal drive.

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  5. Pisces is turned off by the rough words of Aries and the lack of emotional nuance. Aries likes to be in the mix, while Pisces find being around lots of people to be an energy-sapping downer. If Aries can soften their edges and Pisces provides enough excitement, this pair has a lot to offer each other. Keep in mind that these two signs are neighbors on the Zodiac. There's more natural harmony when Aries and Pisces are near each other on the degree scale early Aries and late Pisces. Also, look to other planets, especially Venus, Mars and the Moon, to get a bigger picture on compatibility between the Ram and the Fishes.

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    Together they can drive each other and can be a hot and passionate couple, but the relationship is also likely to be run hot and cold. This is an intriguing match that is usually considered astrologically compatible , but the reality is that a long term committed relationship is iffy. Gemini and Aries are similar in many ways.

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    They make great friends, can create a dynamic work team, are fantastic together on dates and in bed, but when it comes to a committed relationship, the similarities can be difficult. Gemini and Aries can be great friends and spend hours out on the town exploring each other's world, experiencing and discussing new things and meeting new people. As friends, they can easily have fun together and give each other unfettered freedom. When a Gemini and Aries start dating one another, they're both thinking fun friends with benefits.

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    They'll have captivating conversations, be out and about with friends, and going to parties. Even when they're alone together, you can bet it won't be boring or routine. What one doesn't think of, the other will. Then, of course, there's the sexual attraction. An Aries male or female is driven by the conquest, while a Gemini is spellbound by the sexual directness of Aries.

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    A Gemini has a variety of ideas, and an Aries puts them into action. As lovers, they will challenge each other both physically and mentally. Hot, passionate, fun and experimental is the best way to describe the sex life of a Gemini and Aries couple. A long-term relationship is possible, but it's likely to be a bit unconventional. Gemini and Aries both lead independent and active lives.

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